Living Word

Living Word is a non-traditional contemporary church that bridges the gap between the uncompromisable message of Jesus Christ and modern methods of communication. You will find practical teaching from the Bible presented in a manner that equips the church body to accomplish the will of God in their lives.

Connected to the heart of Living Word, Living Word Ministry University gives students an ideal environment to experience God and gain the tools necessary to be His hands and feet in fulfilling God’s call on the church.  Students will not just get a great education, but will be able to catch the spirit and momentum of Living Word Family Church.  It is the ideal place to pursue your calling.

Living Word continues to be an influence in the community as well as the world. Pastors Steve and Connie Caronna have a heart to see God’s people find and fulfill their destiny in God’s will for their life.

Pastor Steve and Connie are also a part of Fellowship Connection with Ed Young, Wave Christian Life Network (CLN) with Steve Kelly and Vision Minister’s Fellowship with Casey Treat. Go to affiliation for more details.

Vision and Mission Statement – By providing excellence in spiritual and academic training, Living Word Ministry University will become an example of Christian leadership training in Raleigh, America and the World. Living Word Ministry University exists to prepare and equip people to reach their full potential and God-given destiny, thus empowering them to change the world and shape culture (Acts 2:41- 47).

We will do this through developing some core competencies:

With our confession in mind, Living Word Ministry University’s faculty attempts to develop Core Competencies in students through a LWMU education.  Every student should seek to develop in…

  • Spiritual Formation: Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a vital Christian life in all personal relationships and vocational endeavors.
  • Biblical Exposition: Gain a basic comprehension of Scripture and learn to interpret and communicate it properly and effectively.
  • Theological Integration: Understand and apply the doctrines of Christianity to all areas of life and ministry.
  • Christian Leadership: Cultivate a godly disposition marked by wisdom, humility, and grace, and develop skills to lead effectively in the church and world.
  • Ministry Preparation: Acquire and apply knowledge and skills necessary for Christian ministry.
  • Accreditation – Living Word Ministry University is a ministry initiative of Living Word Family Church and is accredited through the Accrediting Commission International, a non-governmental school accrediting association.  AICCS accredits over 168 school with over 21,000 students.