Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you Accredited School?
A:Living Word Ministry University is a ministry initiative of Living Word Family Church and is accredited through the Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries, the non-governmental school accrediting agency for new and developing schools.

Q: When does the enrollment start for Living Word Ministry University (LWMU)?
A: Enrollment can be done anytime during the year. The enrollment process is very simple and requires only an application to be turned in to start the process.

Q: What is the cost associated with enrollment?
A: The upfront cost for enrollment is an non-refundable application fee of $35.  The university fees are $200.00 per year for credit students.

Q: Can my previous college experience count towards a degree at LWMU?
A: College classes are evaluated to determine how much credit can transfer.

Q: How often do the classes meet and for how long?
A: Each class for the night school is three hours long with two breaks during the class. There is only one class per week. Classes meet at Living Word Family Church on Wednesdays from 6:30 PM-9:30 PM.

Q: Does LWMU have any vacation or time off during the year?
A: The weeks of Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day may not have classes. See the current class schedule for details in the handbook.

Q: Can I enroll if I am not currently attending Living Word Family Church?
A: Yes, any member of the Body of Christ may attend the LWMU, Raleigh Campus as long as they acknowledge Jesus as their Savior and fulfill the requirements for serving within the Body of Christ during their enrollment (this applies to the night school only).

Q: Can I enroll if I have not graduated from High School?
A: Yes, special permission may be extended for students 17 and over but high school graduation must be performed before the LWMU graduation in November. Identification of this special condition must be shown on the application (this applies only to night school).

Q: Does the degree that I would get through LWMU have any accreditation association?
A: LWMU is accredited through the Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries, the non-governmental school accrediting agency for new and developing schools.

Q: What are the attendance requirements while attending Living Word Ministry University?
A: LWMU requires that all credit students to attend Sunday services (morning & evening) as well as Wednesday night service.

Q: What are the giving requirements while attending Living Word Ministry University?
A: LWMU follows the biblical pattern and requires that all students be tithers.

Q: Can ministry experience apply towards a degree at LWMU?
A: Five-fold ministry (e.g. pastor, teacher, evangelist, worship leader etc.) experience can count as credit. Amount of credit (up to 30 hours) is dependent upon the length and type of ministry service.

Q: Does serving within the local church count as credit toward a degree within LWMU?
A: Three credit hours per year are applied for serving within the Body of Christ during the school year. A minimum of 72 hours of serving must be performed to fulfill the requirements for earning these credits for the undergraduate level.

Q: Are advanced degrees offered at Living Word Ministry University?
A: A Masters degree and Doctorate degree are offered at LWMU for specific areas of ministry. There are different requirements associated with each type of degree and are outlined in the handbook.

Q: In what specific areas of ministry can a degree be obtained through LWMU?
A: Currently degrees in Theology, Christian education, Christian counseling, Church Administration, Outreach & Missions, Creative Arts, Youth Ministry, Children’s Ministry, and Pastoral Ministry are offered at the Raleigh campus.

Q: Can payments be made by other than cash or check?
A: Payments can be made by credit card and also online through the Living Word Family Church Website.

Q: How is the tuition payment performed?
A: The tuition is normally collected at the start of each course. A tuition payment can be applied in advance if desired as long as all requirements are met for continuing courses (night school).

Q: Is there other information available online?
A: The student handbook, course catalog and other information is available here.

Q: Can I audit a class without being a full-time student?
A: You may audit any class for a fee of $50 plus the cost of textbooks for Audit level I.  An applicant applying for admission as an audit student must submit an application along with payment of the application fee of $35.00. No record of previous academic work is required for audit students. A record of classes audited will be maintained, but no academic credits will be awarded.  An Audit II level – audit fee of $120.00 will be charged per course.  A student through this audit level may take any course and complete all or as much of the coursework possible and at any time complete the requirements, pay the difference in tuition and receive full-academic credit for the course.

Q: How do I contact someone in case I have other questions?
A: You may contact the director of the Raleigh Campus, Alan E. Young at 919-614-2946 or at the church office at 919-570-2007, extension 122.