Associate(s) Degree

Associate in Theology

Bachelor(s) Degrees

Bachelor in Children Ministry
Bachelor in Christian Counseling
Bachelor in Christian Education
Bachelor in Church Administration
Bachelor in Creative Arts Ministry
Bachelor in Ministry of Helps
Bachelor in Missions & Outreach
Bachelor in Music Ministry
Bachelor of Theology
Bachelor in Youth Ministry

Master(s) Degrees

Master of Theology (MA Theology)
Master in Pastoral Ministry
Master in Christian Education (M Ed.)
Master in Christian Counseling

Doctoral Degrees

Doctor in Pastoral Ministry (D. Min.)
Doctor of Theology (Th.D.)
Doctor in Christian Education (Ed.D.)

Academic Catalog

Living Word Ministry University’s Student Handbook contains all of our official admissions and academic policies; detailed descriptions and requirements for all of our degree programs; and a listing of all of the courses offered at Living Word Ministry University. You may view the catalog online download or print it (please note this is a large file and may take a while to download for those on slower Internet connections). Please visit our downloads for a listing of the available handbook and calendars.